Aviaja Borup                          

MA Master of Arts in Architecture Interaction and Industrial Designer Aarhus School of Architecture DK mail@aviaja-borup.com


An Interaction Designer

My approach to the field of interaction design is very colored from my background concerning Architecture and Industrial Design combined with Ubiquitous Computing.

I see interaction design as something very physical and spatial. It is a mission to draw people away from their individual computer displays and interact more presently. I want to create artefacts with technology integrated, if the artefact gains an extra value from it. And I see a lot of potential in the existing technologies we have today.



I have a very playful and creative approach to the field.

I aim to create spaces for social interaction, artefacts that encourage the users to interact and endorse them to physical interaction in stead of being passive consumers.

This all of course has to be seen in the perspective of the situation and subject. I have worked within user centred design and my launch pad has mostly been “the people formerly known as users” to quote John Thackara.

Interaction Design  

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