Aviaja Borup                              

MA Master of Arts in Architecture Interaction and Industrial Designer Aarhus School of Architecture DK mail@aviaja-borup.com


Curriculum Vitae

2007 January-June: MA Master of Arts & Architecture, specialized in interaction design. Master thesis at Aarhus School of Architecture, DK

2006 September-January: Maternal leave

2006 January - June: Internship at Volvo cars, Sweden April: CHI'06 Canada

2005 September- January: Internship at Interactive Institutes Game Studio


2005 January-June: Human Computer Interaction at IT-University Gothenburg, Sweden May: CUMULUS, Portugal

2004 August-January: iMuseum, student designer, InteractiveSpaces, Katrinebjerg, Aarhus University and
InteractiveSpaces@home course
(Interaction design), Aarhus School of Architecture, DK

2002-2005: Designing graphical brochures for Lysthuset, DK

2003-2004: Industrial Design, Aarhus School of Architecture, DK
BA Bachelor of Arts in Architecture


2001-2003: Stuidies on architecture, space, form and methods, Aarhus School of Architecture, DK

2001+2002 Summer: Lifeguard and counselor at Rock Hill Camp, NY, USA

2001 : Sport folk high school

2000 September-January: Kindergarden assistant

2000: High School graduate

1993-2000: Competitive swimmer and coach

1981: Born on February 26th



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