Aviaja Borup                          

MA Master of Arts in Architecture Interaction and Industrial Designer Aarhus School of Architecture DK mail@aviaja-borup.com


Daily Mirror


The project is directed towards communes and our main goal is to boost the cohesiveness between the residents. Studies of the two communes results in a mirror through which a picture is taken in playful interaction. The pictures are daily exposed as a collage, in the communes. The collage consists of pictures from the daily news and curves created by daily life and movement inputs. The concept is a manifest of daily life and cohesiveness in space and time.




User research: Domestic Probes
followed up by interviews and user testing of working prototype

Rapid video prototyping

Concept development techniques

Hands-on testing through technical
solutions based on basic24X chip and sensors

Academic argumentation


View movie from the project Quicktime movie / 70 mb




Website for Daily Mirror

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