Aviaja Borup                          

MA Master of Arts in Architecture Interaction and Industrial Designer Aarhus School of Architecture DK mail@aviaja-borup.com



I have composed my master degree in an untraditional way, towards becoming an interaction designer.

I started at Aarhus School of Architecture, studying architecture for the first two basic years. I chose to do my bachelor study at the department of Industrial Design where I learned about product design, materials, ergonomics, graphics, the design process and methods, user centred design and software tools.

I then attended the course of Interactive Spaces@Home, where we learned about ubiquitous computing,


using basic 24-x chip, user studies, videoprototypes, building working prototypes and writing academic reports. Meanwhile I worked on ISIS, Interactive Institute on iMuseum. After that I did an exchange to get a different view on the field. Some of the things learned at Chalmers IT-University, Sweden, was Human Computer Interaction, academic studies and prototyping. The next two semesters was spend in real life, doing two internships: one at Interactive Institutes Game Studio and the other at Volvo Cars in the department of Driver information. After all the travelling I went back to DK and did my master thesis at Aarhus School of Architecture.

Exhibiting in Gothenburg

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